Our Down-to-Earth Approach to Interior Design Brings You Flexible, Friendly and Affordable Services

At Real Home Bliss we collaborate closely with each client to create spaces that express your style and suit your lifestyle. We don’t care if you want to shop at IKEA or Design Within Reach – or reuse what you already own! We can redecorate your whole house, rearrange your furniture, or just help you choose a new rug. We can work on a tight deadline, give you a plan to implement over time, or revisit your space as needed for advice on your next investment.

When working with Real Home Bliss, it’s your budget, your needs, and your timeline.

Real Home Bliss is a partial-service interior design company; we solve problems, visualize potential, create customized plans, generate product-specific shopping lists, and provide detailed installation instructions. You make the purchases and implement the plan. This service model allows you the benefit of professional design help at an affordable cost.

Together, we can turn your real home into a more beautiful and more functional space!

For those living in Austin, Texas, we provide valuable in-home design consultations and offer affordable hourly rates to meet your unique needs. Additionally, our convenient online E-design room packages are available to both local and nationwide clients.

Check out Local and Online Services to learn more about how we work and see our rates.

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