RHB Project Share: Hiring Interior Design Help after the Move, A Step by Step Look at the Design Process

We’ve been talking a lot about moving lately on the blog, because the summer months are prime moving times in America. If you’re among those numbers, you know how stressful it is to set up a new residence. Hopefully, you’ve learned some things to make the transition easier by reading Kate’s posts, “Top 5 Things You Need to Do Right after Moving to a New House” and “My Restyling Challenges after Moving”. There are a lot of great tips in there, and if you have the time and energy to DIY your move, then bookmark them and get started!

But … sometimes, learning about WHAT to do just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you just want to hire some help to get it done already! Check out Real Home Bliss’s Services Page if that’s where you are.

That was the case with this local Austin client. A full work schedule and busy children meant there was not a lot of time left over to transform the newly rented town house into a home, so the client sought help by hiring RHB to help with the transition. We took over the complicated and time-consuming tasks (like creating floor plans and curating furnishing choices that would make the open space functional and cohesive), and brought the client in for the fun parts (Look at this style board and tell us which rug you like in the space, or choose which sofa you like best). Since the client was short on time, not style, this tactic suited her perfectly!

Living Room Makeover

BEFORE: The view from the front entrance shows what will become a stylish and sophisticated sitting room for the family.
BEFORE: Another view of the front sitting room after the clients had moved in.
DURING: A 3D rendering helps the client imagine a how a new color scheme and furniture arrangement could bring the space to life.
AFTER: Old pieces are mixed with new, creating a fresh, vibrant look for this client’s new living space.
AFTER: Another view of the finished front room.

Dining Room Makeover

BEFORE: Moving through the home, this before shot shows the interior “hall” that will serve as the dining area.
DURING: A 3D rendering demonstrates how a glass table can alleviate some issues in the space (like the need to off-set the table for traffic flow even though the chandelier in this rental home is centered.)
AFTER: The sleek glass-topped table that was chosen also bounces light around what could otherwise be a dim interior space.
AFTER: Another view of the lovely dining area, looking back toward the front sitting room.

Office Makeover

BEFORE: This shot shows the back area of the home. The family / TV room is already furnished with a fabulous sectional from the client’s previous home. It needs to stay although it’s a tad too big for it’s new space.
BEFORE: Another shot shows the work space and back entry, both of which need attention.
BEFORE: Grandmother’s antique writing desk is a treasured piece in this home, but not very functional for a computer station. It will get new knobs and be moved to the front sitting rooms where it’s beauty can be appreciated as a console table.
DURING: The 3D rendering shows how a plant can help camouflage the oversized sectional while the back corner can be set up to accommodate work AND the comings and goings of the back door.
AFTER: This shot shows how helpful plants can be. One camouflages the awkward corner from the protruding sofa, another masks what could sometimes be a messy working desk.
AFTER: Not every real home has a dedicated room for an office. We can make your workspace a pretty part of an open floor plan.

Overall, this space went from bare-bones to beautiful after the move! Sometimes it is worth the splurge to hire help when you are setting up a new home – especially when your time is limited and you are transitioning to a different sort of home and space layout. It can be hard to shed your ideas of how your home “works” based on your previous residence, so a fresh pair of (professional) eyes can do wonders in bringing out the best in your new home!

Regardless of whether you’ve lived in your house 2 months or 2 years, if it’s not feeling like home yet, contact Real Home Bliss to help you with the transformation.

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