3 Tips to Display Travel Mementos & Preserve Your Vacation State of Mind

Summer is almost over friends! I hope you’ve had some grand adventures this season. Whether your memories were made in the backyard, or gallivanting around the globe, if they made you happy, they are worth preserving! Today we will give you some hints for how to display your memories around the home so you can be reminded of them all year long!

Display Vacation Photos

It’s likely you filled a memory card or two with snapshots of all the fun you had this summer, but let’s be frank, in this digital age those online reminders can be easily forgotten. Printing and framing a favorite photo (or 2 or 3!) is the most classic way to display memories. To up the “decor” factor, think beyond the basic collage of 4×6 photos. Enlarging your print will give you more options for display. You can make a whole wall of travel photos from the years or sneakily add a personal photo into a gallery wall of mixed mediums. For more tips how to make your personal photographs read as “art”, check out our article 3 Simple Steps to Bring Bliss to Your Walls with Personal Photographs and Children’s Artwork.

Here a vacation photo (top right) is mixed with an oil painting, children’s art, and some typography. To the casual observer, it is simply a bird’s nest in the rafters, but it reminds our family of a special summer day spent together years ago.

Collect Artwork to Remind You of Your Travels

Instead of bringing home another T-shirt when you travel, consider coming home with some art to hang from a local artist. These need not be expensive investments. I have collected many prints and photographs over the years from street fairs, farmer’s markets, and the like. I bring it home, find a mat and frame to fit, and hang it up! Buying things in standard sizes, like an 8×10, eliminates the need for custom framing and keeps your costs down. And if you’re worried something is too small to make an impact, try getting 2 or 3 similar pieces for a collection. I even do this with vintage post cards. Other creative, budget-friendly options to bring home for framing include maps and menus! Mostly, just look for something you love to remind you of a place you enjoyed.

My whole family enjoys the search for local art when we travel. (My son seems to make friends with the local artists wherever we go!) The turtle print atop the bookshelf is one of our favorite finds and came from a farmer’s market.

Bring Home Sculptural Objects from Your Vacation

3D artifacts or memorabilia come in many shapes & sizes for you to display. Maybe it’s a true piece of art purchased at a gallery or local art fair, like a piece of pottery or a wood carving. But maybe it’s something simpler (and cheaper!), like a collection of rocks or shells that your children picked up while picnicking. Either way these pieces can be brought home and bring added texture and shape to table-top vignettes or bookshelf displays. Their significance need not be obvious to the casual observer, but family members will get good vibes whenever their eyes rest on these pieces.

These Hawaiian leis were welcome gifts at a hotel when we went to the Big Island. I move them around my home constantly, filling out different vignettes as needed. They add texture while reminding my family of a tropical get-away.

Whether your memorabilia comes from your vacation or other special event, displaying them in your home brings personality to your space and reminds you of good times!  Plus, with just a little planning and attention to detail, they can add a serious dose of beauty as well.

Your Turn

What’s your favorite memory on display in your home? Did it come from travels or other special event? Tell us about it in the comments.






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