How to Think Like a Design Pro: Considerations for Setting up a Home Office or Work Space

Labor day is looming near! In honor of this holiday that celebrates the American worker, we’re going to talk about home offices and work spaces in the home and how to go about setting up (or improving) these areas.

Home work spaces come in all shapes and sizes. A dedicated room (“home office”) complete with french doors and an executive desk floating in the middle, a multitasking room that holds your desk and office gear along one wall but also doubles as a guest room when visitors come to town, a built-in desk nook off a kitchen or family room, or even a solitary desk in your bedroom. Depending on your needs and the reality of your real home, any of these options could be turned into the perfect set up for you!

Not everyone who works from home has a dedicated office. Since this client worked while her kids were at school, a pretty work space set off to the side of the living room did the trick. If this is your situation, be sure to choose a desk with lots of storage to stash your stuff when the weekend rolls around!

Regardless of where or how big the space is, setting up a functional home work space that meets your needs (as well as possible in your given home!) can be a complicated endeavor. It pays (or should I say saves) to plan carefully before you shop!

When designing multi-purpose rooms, assess your needs and take careful measurements before deciding on furnishings. This client needed her office to double as a guest room once or twice a year, so we carefully designed the floor plan to allow for plenty of storage AND a daybed.

If you would like Real Home Bliss to help improve your home office or work space, we’d love to help; check out our Services Page.  However, even if you plan to DIY the space, we are still here to help! Below, we share the important Client Questionnaire we use when we begin a home office / work space project with a client. It helps us make good decisions when designing a client’s space and it can help you too! Ask yourself these questions before starting your project.


Those with smaller homes and apartments may find the bedroom the best place for a desk. Though some caution against working where you sleep, others value the privacy of being able to close a door on their work station. The work area above brought function and beauty to this client’s space.

Assessing Your Needs for the Home Office / Work Space

General Work Space Considerations

  • Which tasks will this space serve? I work from home – daily heavy use / occasional office work & managing household bills, etc / kids homework / art or project space / other.
  • Will this space multi-task (serve as a guest room, playroom, etc.), and if so, how often (daily, monthly, yearly?)
  • How many people use the space?  Do they ever work simultaneously or do they just need separate storage zones?
  • What degree of isolation does your work space need?  (quiet for phone calls & meetings? important/confidential documents to store? able to keep an eye on children while working?)
  • Does it bother you to see your work area from other parts of my home?

Specific Work Space Considerations

  • Do you prefer a sitting or standing desk … or a combination?
  • Is your desk mostly for the computer, or do you also need to spread out papers?
  • Do you use a laptop or a desktop?  How many monitors?
  • Do you use a printer / copier?  How often (does it need easy access)? Dimensions?
  • What kind of seating do you want (ergonomic stool, straight chair, cushy chair, rolling, etc.)?
  • Do you prefer your desk to face a window outdoors / the interior of the room / a wall?
  • Is your desk generally neat & tidy or “messy” (piled with papers or books)?
  • Do you need a working wall space? (large white board or pin board?)
  • What are your storage requirements?
  • Do you need additional seating? For what purpose? (another person at the desk, comfy spot to read, etc.)

Whether you are just beginning to put together a home work space, or tweaking what you already have, taking time to really think about your needs, preferences, and habits will help you make better decisions for the choices ahead.

And remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, whether you are short on vision or just short on time, Real Home Bliss can help make the most of your real home! Just visit our Services Page.












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