How E-Design Works

Transform your space with affordable, online interior styling & design — from Anywhere, USA

What is E-Design?

Online interior design, also known as E-Design, is an affordable alternative to traditional design. With our sophisticated online software platform, Real Home Bliss can create the room of your dreams with minimal time spent on your part, no matter where you live.

How does E-design work?

E-design is a collaborative process between the client and designer. Once we understand your needs, wants, style and budget, we get busy taking care of the creative and detailed work of designing your room. Communication occurs electronically, and ongoing feedback from you ensures that the designer can bring your version of bliss into the room.

From furniture plans to product-specific style boards & shopping lists, the “Bliss Complete Room Design” Package brings a room to life.


The following timeline breaks down the E-design process in detail:

  1. Project Submission:  You request a project through our online portal, providing us with accurate, detailed information:
    • answers to our questionnaire describing the project scope and your design tastes
    • photos of the current room (from multiple angles)
    • sketched floor plan of the room including dimensions, window and door placement, ceiling and window height  (Measure twice, shop once!)
    • photos and dimensions of any furniture or decor you already own that you want to incorporate in the space (We happily work with these pieces!)
    • inspiration pictures that showcase your desired style
    • your budget (We always work hard to stay within it!)
  2. Start-up Communication:  After reviewing your submission, Shari or Kate will contact you to confirm your project scope and package selection. Additional information may be requested to get the design started. (Bliss Complete Room Design Packages discuss start up with a personal phone call.)
  3. Payment Due:  Full payment is due after the start-up communication.
  4. Initial Design Board:  Your designer will create a Initial Design Board with product choices and ideas.
  5. Review & Revision Window:  After receiving your Initial Design Board, you have up to 10 days of online communication with your designer to  review the products, ask questions, make choices, or swap out items. We respond to your inquiries/comments within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Based on your feedback, your designer will put together a Final Design Board for your approval. Your Review & Revision Window closes automatically after 10 days, or sooner if you approve the Final Design Board.
  6. Final Design Package: Your Final Design Package completes our project. It will contain the Final Design Board, Furniture Floor Plan (for the Bliss Complete Room Design Package), Product-Specific Shopping List, and Design Installation Instructions.

With Real Home Bliss you are free to shop and put together the room as your time and budget allow. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of products indefinitely. We allow a 2 week grace period; should you find an item on your shopping list becomes unavailable within 2 weeks of receiving your Final Design Package, contact us and we will help you find a replacement.

How much does E-design cost?

We offer different packages to account for individual needs and budgets. Please see our E-Design Packages page for full details on package components and pricing.

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Can I still purchase an E-design Room Package if I live locally?

Absolutely! Many local clients start with a valuable in-home consultation and then move forward with an E-design Room Package.