Local Services – Austin, TX

Should you be lucky enough to live in Austin, Texas, we would love to visit your real home! Whether you are short on vision or just short on time, let us help bring the bliss to your real home. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation today & get your project started!

Bliss In-Home Interior Design Consultation

In-home consultations start at $200 for visits up to 90 minutes; additional time can be bought at the hourly rate.

Most local work begins with the valuable in-home consultation. Discussions can focus around one room, or you can walk us through your entire house, asking for advice and ideas as we go. From there, you can decide whether to take our suggestions and run with them DIY style, purchase one of our E-Design Room Packages, or contract with us hourly.

Depending on the scope and time, in-home consultations can include:

  • Ideas for problem areas around your home, either from a functional or aesthetic perspective
  • General suggestions for space plans & furniture arrangements
  • Broad suggestions of what sort of pieces you might purchase (a round table here, a tall vase there . . .)
  • Opinions on your decorating dilemmas (roman blinds or shutters?, chandelier or pendant? wood floor or tile?)
  • Help selecting paint colors, fabrics, wallpapers, or furnishings when you already have samples, swatches, or photos on hand.
  • Help selecting interior finishes such as tile, wood, stone and fixtures when you are building a new home or remodeling your current home when you already have samples, swatches, or photos on hand.

*All feedback for in-home consultations is offered verbally during the consultation time. Clients are encouraged to take notes as we go.

Bliss Interior Design Services by the Hour

Need help implementing our ideas after your in-home consultation? If your needs don’t fit neatly into the E-design Room Packages, local clients can hire us for $80 an hour.

Services best suited to our hourly fees include:

  • Customized 3D renderings of your home, giving you virtual inspiration for furniture and space plans
  • Bits of help in different rooms throughout the house (a new rug here, storage ideas there . . .).
  • Local tandem shopping or showroom visits (furniture, accessories, finishes, fixtures)
  • Repeat visits to your home for help choosing paint, fabric, finishes, etc.

Get to know our work by visiting our Blog and checking out our Portfolio & Testimonials.

*Real Home Bliss is a partial service decorating and design consultation company, which means we give you the plans to implement. We do not manage or pay for purchases, assemble furniture, paint, install window coverings or light fixtures, etc.