Real Home Bliss Begins to Blog – Unlocking Our Hearts & Minds

Hello and welcome to the blog of Real Home Bliss.  We’re Kate and Shari –two mothers, wives, friends, and interior design enthusiasts out of Austin, Texas. Join us here, as we obsess over all things interior design related!

Through our many years of adulting, we’ve designed and decorated spaces for clients, friends and family, and of course, ourselves. We have learned so much along the way and just can’t stop studying style, so we decided it was time to start sharing the love!

This blog is about letting you, the reader, into our heads as we ponder and examine what goes into good design. A place to unlock our minds if you will, and our love of beautiful spaces!

Through our musings we hope you’ll also get a glimpse of WHY WE CARE so much. We think beauty is a value that we all benefit from, and bringing more beauty into your home can bring more bliss into your life!

So join the Real Home Bliss journey and let us inspire you!

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