Kate’s Real Home Story & Living Room Tour

My family and I moved into our current home 2 years ago. We live in a standard, “cookie-cutter” suburban neighborhood and our home was built 16 years ago in the more traditional style. We love this home – it has a terrific layout, plenty of space for my families’ needs and a beautiful backyard. However, my personal style is modern and industrial-rustic mixed together with touches of glam. I am here to show you that even if you don’t live in a home that has 100 years of character or isn’t built in the style you prefer, you can make it your own by adding in your personal style through your furniture and decor choices. You don’t have to stay with the original style of the home and you can have character in a “cookie-cutter” home. In fact, I think it is fun and more interesting to mix styles or to have a contrasting style from the one that your home was built with. You can create your own bliss!

So come along with me on my home journey to see how I have been transforming my traditional home into a modern/rustic mixed style home with lots of personality and into a beautiful and functional space for my family and all our pets.  My home is still a work in progress – I started with the main living room and will continue on to other rooms, so please check back in periodically for updates  on other spaces in my house. Thanks for following along : )

Welcome to My Home Tour!

My Living Room


Check back for new rooms added to this tour!

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  1. Love this room! Cozy, yet modern.

    1. Thanks Roxanne!

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