Shari’s Living Room Tour

My living room is a tricky one! The corner fireplace and abundant windows are good for atmosphere, but hard on space planning! Plus we have an open concept kitchen – living – dining room, which means the collection of things I currently love, have loved in the past, or have been loved by a dear family member and passed down to us must all play well together. Finally, like many older small homes, our front door dumps you right into the living room. So welcome!

Our sofa is Lee Industries — my go-to for upholstered pieces when you’re ready to invest. The large coffee table from West Elm was chosen to accommodate family games or puzzles and can even fit an ottoman and a basket of books beneath it.

If you read, 5 Simple Measurements to Help Set Up Your Living Room, you know I believe in keeping a cozy conversational area, which means there’s still a lot of floor space left over in this spacious room. (That’s a good thing, since most every room in our smallish house is multi-purpose!) So here, we have a game table set off to the side, near the piano; it’s a perfect spot for homework or a game of cards. The chairs match those in my dining area, so can be used interchangeably in either space.

Until I added the “Wow! Look at me!” mid-century modern chair from West Elm, the room felt a little off to me. It was dominated by the leather Stickley rocking chair, which we LOVE, but the scale is definitely suited to our former (larger) house where we lived when we purchased it. This little orange chair is nearly half the size of the rocker but somehow defies the laws of good design, competing perfectly and balancing the room! (Sometimes, rules are for breaking!)

And of course, there’s always room to squeeze in a little work. This desk, a family heirloom, has found it’s home in an otherwise awkward corner.

In my living room, as is true throughout my house, inherited antiques and children’s artwork live side by side with new transitional and modern furnishings and accessories. This blend of styles make for an eclectic space that I just love!  So, if you missed my earlier post: Welcome, to My Bliss: Shari’s Home Story, let me say it again:  Welcome! I’m glad your here. I hope you’ll say “hello” in the comments;)

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  1. I love your room!!!

    1. Thank you Susan!

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