3 Bs to Bring Better Storage to Your Real Home

Could your real home use a little extra storage? Maybe you’re nostalgic and enjoy reminders of your past; or have hobbies requiring lots of gear; or collect things like books, pottery, or shoes; or maybe you simply have a smallish house and/or a largish family. Whatever your story, wishing for a little extra space to stash your stuff is a pretty common desire.

So what’s a person to do? When my family moved to smaller home years ago, I became an avid student of good storage and found ways to make our smallish house fit the needs of our growing family.  You can do the same. It doesn’t really matter if your real house is large or small. We all know that most families expand (their stuff) to fill their available space, which means most people are constantly searching for better storage solutions.

So, from the simple to the complex, here are my

3 Bs to Bring Better Storage to Your Real Home:

#1) Baskets

We are starting small here. You don’t need a big budget or a big truck to get baskets home to stow your stuff in a style. Seriously folks, you would not believe the mileage my home gets from baskets.

Baskets hide your clutter while adding texture and color to your space.

If you don’t appreciate all that a lowly basket can accomplish, then you are probably missing one golden caveat:  the lidded basket. Yes, any old (lovely:) basket will work to stash blankets, toys or shoes – you know, the stuff you want to access with ease on a daily basis, but if this is all you use baskets for, you are missing out. Lidded baskets are a key storage component and great for your non-everyday stuff: office supplies, hobby materials, and seasonal decor. Lids keeps the dust out, and lids make the baskets stackable … or even “sittable”.

Stack lidded baskets to create an affordable and practical side table.

Of course, one of the best thing about any type of basket is that they camouflage your chaos, which makes them a great thing to stash in your ….

#2) Bookcases

When you are searching for furniture to increase storage space in your home, a bookcase is the most obvious solution. Whether you need a place to stash your office supplies, children’s toys, hobby supplies, baskets (filled with who knows what) or (wait for it …) actual books, this is the simple way to go.

Bookcases not only stash your stuff, but provide vertical interest to interior walls.

The lovely thing about a bookcase is that it takes advantage of vertical space, which is often underutilized in our homes. By reaching to the skies, we can stack our stuff, (making room for more of it!) Bookcases are incredibly versatile – they come in just about any size and style you desire. (Check back later this week to shop our favorites.) You can combine open and closed storage, or opt for an airy etagere. You can move them around as your needs and tastes change . . . to a different wall, a different room, or a different house!   Buy a bookcase to stash your stuff, and it will likely be with you for a very long time. Learn How to Style a Bookcase with Bliss and it can be a pretty compliment to any room.

A properly styled bookcase has plenty of practical storage and still leaves room for lots of lovely!

#3) Built Ins

Personal disclaimer here … I absolutely love built ins, so much in fact, that I have designed them for nearly every room in my house. A well-designed built-in can solve so many problems and bring storage to just about any area in your home. They can really be a game changer if you are trying to make life work in a house feels a bit small to you. Beyond bringing storage to small spaces, they are also great at filling large spaces and awkward spaces.

Custom built ins add extra storage to this master bath with a corner cabinet and an extra deep vanity.

Of course, there are some caveats to this cure all. Built ins are permanent, so only making sense if your real home is one you plan to be at for a while. They’re also limiting if you are a person who likes to change things up by rearranging furniture often. Since they’re custom made, you need to find a tradesman to build them for you and the patience to wait for the work to be done. Finally, they are an investment, BUT in my experience, they cost no more (and sometimes less) than quality wood furniture of a similar size. So if you can swing it, a custom made built in can tackle just about any storage job!

A wall of built ins in this family room provide loads of storage AND add architectural interest to the room.

So there you have it friends! 3 stylish ways to stash all your stuff and bring better storage to your real home!

Tell Us:  Where would you like more storage in your real home?


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