Kate’s Backyard Tour and Restyling Challenges

I love our backyard, but the layout of this backyard is drastically different from the layout of our former backyards. I wanted to try my best to re-use the outdoor furniture from our previous 2 homes, but I was intimidated with the task of restyling my patio furniture….where will I put everything….would I have enough to fill all the spaces? You see, this backyard has 3 patio spaces! And each one is so very different from the usual/basic rectangular shaped patio that my previous 2 homes have had. Here is the breakdown of the 3 patio areas and how they all evolved:

The back patio:

This patio is at the back of the yard close to the pool and right next to the hot tub. It is meant to be a pool “deck”, but we don’t have classic pool deck furniture because this is our first pool. Instead, I was able to create a cozy seating area using the 2 glider/rocker chairs (a family favorite) from our former front porch and this bench from our former backyard. This patio is shaded in the morning and gets a lot of sun in the afternoon early evening so I added in a large 11’ umbrella (one of the few NEW items) to complete the set up. I love this umbrella because it has solar lights on the underside which we use at night to give this area of the yard some much needed light! This patio space is my favorite of the entire yard. It sits close the our beautiful magnolia trees which gives the space so much beauty and coziness.


I love this view of my magnolia trees and this entire cozy spot!
I love all the shade this amazing umbrella from Costco is giving us. Added bonus – it is made with Sunbrella fabric!
Watermelon decor is all the rage right now! I found this adorable watermelon pillow at Home Goods and this giant watermelon floatie for my kids to play on.

When the magnolias are blooming, the air back here is filled with their wonderful fragrance. In the Winter time, we replace the umbrella with a fire pit and continue to enjoy this space with s’mores and the warmth of the fire.

A magnolia bloom after the rain

The middle patio:

This patio sits between the pool and the covered back porch. I furnished this space with our dining table and chairs from our previous home. The size (seating for 4) and shape of this table & chairs made sense on our smaller deck in NY, but honestly, a round table is not the most ideal shape for this rectangular space. It will have to do for now – someday I would love to replace it with a larger rectangular table with seating for 6! My family and I use this patio for eating and playing card games when the weather is nice.

1 year ago we had the space covered with a pergola to give this patio beauty and warmth through the natural texture and color of the cedar wood. The wood is a wonderful contrast with all the stone. But mostly, the pergola helps shade the patio as the summers in TX are super hot! The pergola also grounds the space to help it feel more cozy.

This pergola was the perfect addition to our beautiful yard.

The covered patio/porch:

The patio closest to our home and right off the back door is our covered patio. I absolutely love having a completely covered space, but this is our most awkward space and has been the most challenging to furnish. The challenges:

  1. The space is very narrow
  2. The grill has to be here because this is where the gas hookup is
  3. The backdoor leads out to this space so I must keep that area mostly clear of furniture which add to the limitations I have for placing things.

I have to admit – even with formal interior design training – I have rearranged the furniture in this space many times. Mind you – I was trying to do all of this without purchasing anything new.

Here is the final layout and I am finally satisfied and happy with it! I used these 2 Pier 1 chairs that used to be grouped with the bench that I mentioned earlier and I placed this bistro table between the chairs.


I have also squeezed in the rocking chair that my children gave me for Mother’s Day many years ago. Technically, my rocking chair makes the space a little crowded, but I love it and will never get rid of it until the day it rusts away.

Awkward grill, but placing a large plant next to it help to mask the ugliness : )

The best part of all that took me a while to figure out – is this console table. This table is not technically an outdoor piece of furniture – it used to be in the breakfast nook of my former home and then it spent over a year in the guest bedroom of this home. But, since this patio is completely covered with a roof, I figure it will mostly be OK. It may not last forever outside, but I can live with that. The table came to be here because of need & necessity. Here is why….1.5 years ago we adopted a rescue puppy and although we adore him, he can be a challenge with “stuff”. Anything that is left on the ground or on a low table, he will pick up, run around with it, and probably chew it to pieces.

X-Ray – our rescue pup!

Since we have a pool, we often have guests that need a place to stash, watches, wallets, keys, towels, shoes, clothing – you name it! Before I took the console table out of the guest bedroom and placed it here, we only had the small, round dining table and the grill, lol! You would not believe how many things have been piled high onto that grill 🙂 But now, guests can pile things onto the table instead and put really important items, such as watches or wallets, into the drawers!

So many storage & decor options with this wonderful console table from Home Goods.

This little console table has given us much needed storage out here.  I also store doggy bags and the remote controls for the ceiling fans in here.

I am often asked about this dramatic plant – it is called a fox tale fern.

Besides the practical purpose of this table, I also enjoy styling it with cute items such as my daughters’ fairy gardens, stashing it with pool towels and when I am entertaining I can use it to place a pitcher of lemonade or a plate of cookies/ chips, etc. My final wish for this space is to someday purchase a “pool” sign to go on the wall above the console table. Does anyone know where I can find a cute one??

A backyard isn’t complete without fairy gardens!

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  1. Kate, love the decorating skill & especially the narrative! So detailed and casual, feel like we are talking over a lemonade. Keep it up, hope you are having success because it sure seems like you are having fun. 😘

    1. Ann – Thank you so much! This means a lot. We are working so hard and it feels really good to get feedback like this : )

  2. Love how this all turned out – your backyard is gorgeous! Although your NY backyard was also nice, this is definitely a step up! (Or 2 or 3) 😄 Perfect for entertaining!

    1. Thank Danielle! Yes, I loved our NY backyard too, but this one has my heart : )

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