RHB Project Share: A Multipurpose Room Welcomes Guests

We’ve been welcoming in the unofficial start of summer lately on the blog, and considering what that may mean for your homes.

Many people squeeze some travel time into the summer months, so you may be locking up and leaving your home sweet home for a bit. Where is everyone going? Well, not all head to a hotel. Many folks are off to visit family or friends, which means on the other side of this coin are people busy preparing their real home to welcome guests!

If you have a perfectly appointed guest room waiting in the wings, then you are all set. All you need to do is plan the itinerary … and the menu … and wash the sheets … and clean the house.

But what if you’re not sure where you’re going to put your dear ones? If preparing a guest space on top of the aforementioned list sounds like a bit much, consider hiring some design help to roll out the welcome mat. Consider hiring Real Home Bliss!

Check out or services page to see how we can help you put together a great guest space. We did it for this client on a short notice, and we can do it for you too!


This local client already had a lovely guest room set up in their new home. And then they got notice that two sets of guests were coming at once. Uh-oh! With lots of out-of-town family, the homeowners realized this might not be the last time their house would be overflowing with fun, so they decided it was time to quickly turned the not-yet-furnished front study into a multi-tasking space … an office for mom and an overflow guest room.

Local clients can opt for 3D room renderings to bring their space to life. This one helped the client envision how she could use a color she loved (teal) with a red rug she already owned.
Ready for guests! The daybed keeps Mom’s office feeling like an office when it’s not hosting guests, but is fit for a “king” when pulled out for company.
Pillows repeat the color, plus add texture, making the daybed great for lounging with or without guests in town.
Another 3D rendering helps the client visualize the floor plan before committing to big purchases.
The basics of the work area are now in place …ready for Mom to move in and make it her own.
Swivel while you work! This sleek tulip chair invites you to spin a spell.

Sometimes, life comes at you quickly! Hiring a pro can help turn your home project wish list into reality. If you’d like to see a room redone in your real home, check out Real Home Bliss services for online (from anywhere) or local Austin services. We’d love to help you!


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