4th of July on the Front Porch

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the 4th of July – the hallmark holiday of the American summer!

In honor of the coming fun, I did some sprucing up of my front porch to celebrate the season! I must admit, I was a little hesitant at first. Of course I enjoy a festive atmosphere when it’s holiday time, but due to the storage challenges of my smallish real home, I’m not one to buy seasonal decor willy-nilly. But with a little prodding from Kate and my kiddos, I headed to the craft & decor store in search of some patriotic spirit. I think it turned out pretty fabulous!

4th of July Front Porch
This Rockwell-worthy porch is now ready for some serious 4th of July fun!

In the end, I realized it really doesn’t take a lot of big “stuff” to make a big impact. A few simple additions were all it took to transform the space. Once the month is through, the only things to be stored will be the flag bunting (easy to fold!) and the red, white & blue wreath adornments (tiny!). (I purposely chose a plain white wreath that can cross seasons, and just bought small patriotic doo-dads to fasten on for the 4th.) Oh – and then there’s the oversized whirly-gig in the flower bed that my son talked me into! Oh well. YOLO!

The red, white & blue pieces bring a patriotic punch to this simple wreath, but they are just tied on, so when the holiday is through I can remove them and be left with a lovely neutral wreath that will be perfect all through the warm season.
Flowers in pots are easy to change out to match seasonal colors.
I ended up with more doo-dads than I needed when shopping for the wreath, so now I have this simple coffee table vignette.
I’ve been eyeing flag buntings ever since we moved into this house. So glad I finally went for it!

I am so glad I decided to dress up this classic American porch. I hope it inspires you to add some red, white and blue bliss to your real home this holiday. And if like me, you worry about what to do with the decor come August, stay tuned, as later this week I’ll be sharing “5 Tips for Seasonal Decorating When You’re Short on Storage”.

Happy 4th of July to you all!

Let us know in the comment sections how you get your festive on for this summer holiday!



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