RHB Video Demo: How to Arrange an Outdoor Flower Pot Using Interior Design Principles

Today, on Real Home Bliss, we’ll show you how to artfully arrange your flower pots using mixed flowers that you choose yourself. Scroll to the bottom of our post to start the demonstration video!

There are so many reasons to love container gardening.

Containers are a great place to showcase seasonal bloomers, flowering annuals, or edible herbs. They give you the opportunity to easily mix things up and make seasonal changes. Perhaps best of all is that you don’t even need a garden or yard to enjoy the pleasure of outdoor plants. Whether your potted arrangements are placed on a sprawling outdoor deck, a small apartment balcony, or on the steps outside your front stoop, filled flower pots go a long way to make outdoor spaces look cozy and complete.

Plus – you get to buy pottery!

And plants!

But what does planting flowers have to do with interior design?

Did you know some of the same principles used in arranging home decor can guide you in creating lovely flower arrangements? Sure you could buy pre-potted arrangements, but choosing your own blooms to mix in an outdoor container gives you more options. When you make your own outdoor flower arrangement, you get to choose which flowers you like and which colors work best with your outdoor spaces. Plus, gardening is just good for the soul!

We think you should give it a try!

Click on the photo below to start our demonstration video.

Follow the simple steps to create your own outdoor flower arrangement that looks like it was done by a pro!

Video on How to Arrange an Outdoor Flower Pot

Your Turn

How did it go? Post a photo of your finished composition in the comments section!

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