Meet Kate & Shari

Meet Kate

Interior design and styling are my passion. I love helping homeowners by creating beautiful, yet functional spaces that they can enjoy for years. I specialize in mixing different design styles to create casual, comfortable, and dynamic spaces. My personal design aesthetic is modern mixed with industrial & rustic with touches of glam, but I am happy to design around any style or mix of styles based on your personal style aesthetic.

I have a B.S. degree from Texas Tech University and spent ten years in the corporate world before shifting gears to focus on my passion. When a cross country move shook up my life, I started my own home staging business. From there I earned a diploma in Interior Design from The Interior Design Institute and then went to work for a national online interior design company. There I learned the industry and further honed my skills. I have put together rooms for over 40 national and local clients for everything from your basic living room to baby nurseries, studio apartments and even an eclectic bar! My design advice has been published in 2 national online-interior design articles by Laurel and Wolf:  “The 7 Things Every Well Designed House Has” and “When to Save and When to Splurge on Rugs“.

When I’m not bringing bliss into other people’s homes, I stay busy on my most important home project — the one I share in Austin, Texas, with my husband, two girls, 2 cats and 1 dog.

Now that I am settled back in Texas, I am excited to be branching out on my own again – this time with my design partner and dear friend, Shari.

Meet Shari

My mission is to make good design accessible to real, everyday people, living their real lives, in real homes on real budgets. I know we can’t have it all, but I believe we can make what we do have better!

I live in my real home with my husband and two kids in Austin, Texas. This is the second home we’ve owned in this great city, and at each house I have enjoyed the challenge of bringing the most beauty possible to the space, while meeting the functional needs of my family and staying on budget.

Our current home is a smallish bungalow in Central Austin. Over the past 8 years of residing there, we have taken on two major remodeling projects, basically overhauling and updating the entire home. A good GC and tradespeople were essential to the work, but I planned and managed much of the design work myself, including space designs with 3D renderings, custom cabinetry designs and the selection of flooring, counter tops, tile, paint, fixtures and furnishings. It has been an incredibly complicated and rewarding experience, and I love sharing all I have learned along the way with others.

Before devoting my professional life to interior design, I spent time both as a teacher and writer – two jobs which relied heavily on my ability to ask the right questions, listen to input, establish trust, analyze issues, generate creative solutions, and implement plans with an eye to detail.

I’m a problem solver at heart, so I love that with Kate as my co-pilot, I can now turn that focus to interior decorating and design – making real life more beautiful and more functional for real people!

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